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The first session is free!*  After your free taster we will discuss with you which option is best for you and your child. 


In addition to the monthly or session fees listed below, all members must also pay a separate annual club membership (£10) and annual British Gymnastics registration fee (currently between about £5 and £75 depending on your grade of membership). 

The fees from 1 July 2024 are as follows:

General Gymnastics:

Foundation - £32 pcm

Advanced - £37 pcm

Tumbling - £32 pcm

Acrobatic Gymnastics:

Orange Squad - £37 pcm

Development - £41 pcm

Purple Squad - £59 pcm

Blue Squad - £59 pcm

Green Squad - £74.50-£86 pcm

Pink Squad - £74.50 pcm

Yellow Squad - £73.50-£90 pcm

Red Squad - £91 pcm

Grey Squad - £96 pcm

Magenta Squad - £102 pcm

Other classes:

Adult Acrobatics £5 per session (PAYG).


Pre-school - £40 payable in advance for a half-term block of 6 lessons (dates depending on the Somerset schools timetable).  Please contact for more information. 

*Note the free taster session does not apply to Pre-school.


Monthly fees are collected in advance, at the beginning of the month to which they relate.  Members wishing to leave Spirit are required give one month's notice.  Therefore if you give notice at the beginning of a month, you can continue attending until the end of that month.

Fees are reviewed annually.  For Foundation, Advanced Foundation, Tumbling, Adult and Pre-school lessons this happens in April (start of the financial year), for Acro Squads the review is in July (end of the competition season, when most partnership changes and movements between squads happens).

Financial Assistance 

Spirit Gymnastics Academy is a not-for-profit organisation and aims to keep our members' costs down to enable as many people as possible to participate in gymnastics.  We work hard to keep our fees as low as we can, and always aim to offer the best value for money in our region.  Even so, we know the fees and other costs associated with this sport may present some people with challenges, especially when gymnasts graduate to the highest levels of the sport.  We offer help in two ways - long term and short term assistance - so that gymnasts coming from families of low and modest incomes can participate at the most appropriate level.  The Government has set a rate of annual payments that it defines as being "accessible"; this means that as a registered Community Amateur Sports Club we can reduce the total annual cost of membership (that is, the total of all compulsory costs such as fees, uniform, competitions etc) to below that threshold for those in the most need.  Currently the accessible rate threshold is £520 per year per gymnast.  Most of our gymnasts pay less than this accessible threshold already; those who pay more than this can apply for assistance.

What Should I Do If I Require Long Term Financial Assistance?


1. Please ask for a copy of the ‘Spirit Gymnastics Academy Ltd Bursary Scheme - Application Form' from the Finance Director, either in person at the Academy office or by email to:

2. Complete the Application Form in full. 

3. Return the completed Application Form in a sealed envelope, enclosing all required supporting evidence, to the Academy Office, marked for the attention of the Finance Director. 

What Happens Next? 

Once a completed Application Form is received the request will be considered at the next meeting of the Bursary Panel, which meets three times per year, and awards Bursaries on a termly basis.  If you wish to be considered for a Bursary you should apply before 31 July for the Autumn Term (1 Sep-31 Dec), by 30 November for the Spring Term (1 Jan-30 Apr) and by 31 March for the Summer Term (1 May-31 Aug).  All application information is kept strictly confidential between the applicant and the Bursary Panel. 


What if I Require Short Term Financial Assistance?

We understand many people experience shorter term financial pressures and we may also be able to help in other ways for example by spreading costs or helping you apply for a grant, so please contact the Finance Director if you think we may be able to help. It is far better to talk to us and reach an agreement (in strictest confidence) than to stop attending classes.

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