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Welcome FreeG! Here you will find resources and videos that are most suitable for your class, and will support your weekly learning.

FreeG Warm Up

Kongs Part 1

Kongs Part 2

FreeG Cool Down

FreeG Warm Up 2

FreeG Conditioning

FreeG Week 2

FreeG Transitions

FreeG Warm Up 3

FreeG Conditioning 2

FreeG Rolls Part 1

FreeG Rolls Part 2

FreeG Cool Down 2

FreeG Warm Up 4

FreeG Cat Leaps

FreeG Cool Down 3

FreeG Cat Leaps Conditioning

FreeG Kip Ups 1

FreeG Kip Ups 2

FreeG Macacos

FreeG Gainers 1

FreeG Kip Ups Conditioning

FreeG Macacos Conditioning

FreeG Gainers 2

FreeG Gainers Conditioning

Spirit Gymnastics Academy
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