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Welfare and Safeguarding

Spirit Gymnastics Academy places child welfare and safeguarding at the top of our priorities.  This topic has had a high profile in 2022, with the Whyte Review and a number of gymnasts calling for change.  We therefore want to make clear our approach to safeguarding,

We have two dedicated Welfare Officers, who are fully trained in the responsibilities, and are professionals in the field.  They are available in person during most of the hours of opening, and are at a moment's notice to attend if there is a problem.  Their photos, names, emails and contact numbers are available to members within the gym.  They can be easily spotted by their light blue shirts/jumpers when on duty.

We have a robust procedure for reporting concerns.  Anyone with any concern about child welfare can report in complete confidence to one of the welfare officers, in person or by email or by phone.  In the unlikely event that a welfare officer can't be contacted quickly, the concern can be expressed to the senior coach present, who will pass on the information by the quickest means to the welfare officers.  The Managing Director is also always available to receive information, concerns or complaints; contact details are in the member information pack.

Our complaints and grievance process, available to members in the information pack and on display in reception, will be followed in most cases.  However, it may be necessary or advisable for a report to be referred by the Academy to either the local authority or the police, depending on the nature of the report and the urgency of the situation.

For the avoidance of doubt, the leadership team of Spirit Gymnastics Academy do not, will not and have never weighed gymnasts as part of their training routine.  We consider the practice to be against Spirit's values, ethos and founding principles.


Spirit Gymnastics Academy
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